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Dec 4, 2009
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SPT Consulting has a new website!  Exciting. Watch for new services, news articles, white papers, and random thoughts on the state of the world.  Oh, and if you like this site, you can have one too.  Ask me about my niece... ;-)
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Health Care Regulation

Health Care Regulation Consulting

Susan Palmer Terry was the author of New Hampshire’s current Certificate of Need legislation and was the Assistant Director of Public Health for Health Services Planning and Review from 1983 -1989.  As a consultant she has prepared and has taken to conclusion over 30 CON applications and represent parties in the CON rule making process.

Partial client list:

Littleton Regional Hospital


Huggins Hospital

Cottage Hospital

Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital

Wentworth Douglass Hospital

Parkland Medical Center

New London Hospital

Catholic Medical Center

Merrimack County Nursing Home

Grafton County Nursing Home

Carroll County Nursing Home

Golden View Health Care Center

Kings Medical Company